Food products carrying the seal “ACCORDING TO GERMAN STANDARDS” have undergone comprehensive quality checks by the experts of DLG TestService GmbH. Their manufacturing process has been certified in line with German quality standards and the products have been checked according to stringent quality requirements in a laboratory.

 DLG TestService GmbH has developed a standardized certification and testing procedure for the DLG Seal. It adheres to the strict requirements of German quality standards and comprises two steps:


Certification of the manufacturing process

  • Inspection of all production sites involved in the manufacturing process
  • Quality standards defined by the experts of DLG (sustainability, best practices, social responsability)
  • Transparency, safety and traceability of the production
  • Sensory evaluation and analytical checks in the course of the manufacturing process


Checking of the food product

  • Up-to-date scientific test criteria
  • Sensory evaluation and analytical tests by experts
  • Evaluation of the food products by using neutralized samples, hiding the manufacturer’s identity
  • Product-specific laboratory tests, such as authenticity checks and residue analysis